I submitted a children’s book manuscript to a publishing company when I was eight-years old. They rejected me with a flowery letter and a bookmark, but even then, I knew I loved to write. Nothing has changed since those childhood years. Aside from my two sons, little gives me as much joy as putting pen to paper.

I’m not sure why I didn’t major in creative writing or journalism in college. Instead, I chose psychology. Along with analyzing literature, I enjoy analyzing people, so I thought psychology was the best fit.

Having a psychologist’s brain helps with character development and other writing tasks, but I learned quickly being a professional psychologist was not my calling. After only three years in the profession, I’ve spent the rest of my adult life as an English teacher or writer.

My portfolio includes parenting columns, education columns, web content, newspaper articles, blog posts, cover letters, resumes, biographies, children’s books, magazine articles, tweets, novels, Facebook posts, verses for wedding programs and poems on cocktail napkins. I’m an equal opportunity writer. That’s how I know I love it.

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